HERIGE : cultivating the family spirit of the Group

As a result of a new organization, VM MATERIAUX Group becomes HERIGE and gives the group a strong and distinct identity that gathers and radiates. HERIGE is first of all the heritage, roots, but also the value of family transmission, which is one of the Group’s foundations. This new brand is also expressed in the echo of the verb to raise (ériger in French) a direct reference to the building sector, in which the group operates, as well as action to build.

HERIGE deploys a new corporate identity in the continuity, throughout the respect for the independence of its shareholders, but also focused on its core business and its key values. This new identity shows a positive and ambitious vision of a strong group that embraces the future with confidence.



HERIGE, entrepreneur for the future

With the slogan «Future Entrepreneurs», the group fosters a vision, asserts its entrepreneurship culture while expressing its will to build together the future and the city of tomorrow.